Deqing Ding Hui Light Co., Ltd. was founded in 1978, is the energy-saving light source members of the Association, one of the professional production of electric light source products. My company has fixed assets of 10 million yuan, the company covers an area of 9900m2. 2000 years with South Korean joint venture subsidiary companies (Deqing Ding Hui Lighting Co., Ltd.) The introduction of South Korea's equipment and technology, Taiwan's automated production lines and domestic production line of 7. Company employees 250 people with an annual production volume of more than 2000 million. Production of special bulb varieties, good quality and high-grade, reputation excellent, 80% of products exported overseas, deeply domestic and foreign customers. The main products are frosted, transparent, reflection, colorful pairs of wire series, spherical bubble, candle-shaped, mushroom bulb, and the refrigerator direct bubble, 300 ?high temperature furnace instructions bulb, non-light decorative light bulbs.
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